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Revision date: July 21, 2015

Step 1 of 3 (choosing the retrieval type and estimate type)

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Retrieval Type

The "State(s) retrieval" type is the default. You should only select the "Circle retrieval" type when the area of interest is a circular area around some point. If you choose the circle option you must also enter the latitude and longitude of point center in decimal degrees (the latitude and longitude of Duluth, for example, is latitude=46.78 and longitude=-92.12) and enter the circle radius in miles. A location's latitude and longitude can be obtained using Google Maps (1. locate the point of interest using Google Maps, 2. right click on the location, 3. select "What's here?", 4. click on the green arrow to get the coordinates).
State(s) retrieval
Circle Retrieval

Please choose an estimate from the dropdown list below (this will be the numerator in a ratio estimate).

There are 134 types of population attributes.

Please choose a denominator from the dropdown list below if you want to produce a ratio estimate (a frequently requested forest ratio estimate is volume per acre where net volume of live trees is the numerator and area of forest land is the denominator).

The schema is FS_FIADB.
There are 133 types of denominator attributes.

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