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User Alert: June 17, 2014

FIADB has been updated to include the new updated interpretation of the definition of reserved status. All annual data has been reanalyzed in accordance with this interpretation and some previously published values have changed as a result. Change estimates have been recomputed to account for any modifications. For more details please consult the FIADB User's Guide (http://www.fia.fs.fed.us/library/database-documentation/).

For more information contact any of the following:
Jim Menlove RMRS (jmenlove@fs.fed.us) 801-625-5426
Karen Waddell PNW (kwaddell@fs.fed.us) 503-808-2046
Rich McCullough NRS (rmccullough01@fs.fed.us) 610-557-4081
Carol Perry SRS (cperry@fs.fed.us) 865-862-2087

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